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I am Passionate About Growth

My grandmother was pretty religious about having her plants watered on Wednesdays. I took the chore rather seriously from a fairly young age. Every large prehistoric looking plant scattered throughout our home in Queens had a story. "This one I got from a cutting of Joan Bowman's plant 30 years ago." "This one was a wedding gift." "I stole this cutting from an overpriced store in the city."

Sometimes, I would forget to water them. The soil would be dry, the leaves decayed and my grandmother disappointed. Caring for these green time capsules afforded me the opportunity to experience the relationship between nurture and growth. It wasn't until long after my grandmother and her plants were gone that I could appreciate the value of this memory. More than a decade ago, my aunt gave me a cutting of one of my grandmother's original plants. And so her legacy continues... The moment I knew my sister was pregnant I went to the local nursery and pre-ordered 40 jade plants for 8 months later. These jade plants were given as party favors at her baby shower. The plant I'm holding in this photo is 7 years old, the same age as my nephew. The thing about plants is that even when you don't see growth at the surface, the roots are hard at work building a strong foundation from which to grow. Information is being exchanged through photosynthesis to help prepare the plant to thrive. If and when your plant becomes too big for it's pot, you will need to transfer it into a larger pot that can encourage it's growth. When decay occurs, that part must be shed or removed to facilitate healing. Plenty of water and sunlight are encouraged.


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